DJB 46B Beth 1L (42211374)

1L was one of the foundation females of the famed Grandview CMR herd. 1L is a full sister to P606 whose daughters are still sought after today for their outstanding maternal ability and perfect udders, and 1L offers this and more. She passes her perfect pigment to nearly every calf along with her big volume maternal look. We are very fortunate to have this true matriarch of the breed in our Donor Herd.

DJB 46B Beth 1LView pedigree and EPDs

Sired by:
Sired by:
MR Maternal 156T
Sired by:

KCF Miss Proficient U201 (42903703)

U201 ranks in the top 1% of the breed for 7 measurable traits including Calving Ease, Weaning Weight, Ribeye Area and CHB $ index, and she is in the top 5% of the breed for three other traits including Birth Weight and Yearling Weight. Her Ribeye Area EPD is backed up by 21 of her progeny having an average ratio of 110.4. U201 is also the mother of Knoll Crest Herd Sire X51 who has the third highest CHB $index in the breed at $47. U201 is a homozygous polled female that has 3 sons that are Now Added to Our Herd Bull Battery (One polled 88X son and one polled Sensation son, Peace of Mind) and HZ polled Red bull son Red Power.

Owned with Knoll Crest Farm.

KCF Miss Proficient U201View pedigree and EPDs

KCF B526
Sired by:
KCF B704
Sired by:
Sired by:

Boyd E70 Queen 0118 (43149846)

We are very proud to have this addition to our Donor Herd. She follows our goals perfectly. She is a powerfully built, very structurally correct female that possesses one of the best udders in the breed. She has performance, Muscle and Pigment. This is the complete package of Look, Performance, Data and Maternal Traits that Iron Lake Strives for. HZ polled.

Boyd E70 Queen 0118View pedigree and EPDs

ILR H Miles 4140B ET
Sired by:
Miles McKee
Sired by:
Miles McKee
562 sells in our October 8th sale

KCF Miss Revolution X328 (43155587)

Full sister to Encore's Mother that sold in the 2015 Denver sale for $62,000 1/2 interest to Boyd Cattle. The first calf crop of this HZ polled female has us very excited about her future potential.

Owned with Hoffman Herefords

KCF Miss Revolution X328

C Hereford Lady 2088 ET (43270653)

Hereford Lady was our pick of heifer calves in the Colyer Herefords 2012 Female Sale. Her dam R111 is one of the top producing females in the breed and her sire Mr. Hereford, whose genetics are rare and highly sought after, adds a powerful square hip and hind leg. Hereford lady blends perfectly from her top into her shoulder and maintains a feminine look through her front end, this look earned her the Reserve Champion Hereford Female at the Fort Worth National Hereford Show in 2013. She has the depth and shape of rib that the real cowboys love. We highly anticipate that Hereford Lady will become one of the top donors in the Iron Lake Program and make an impact on the Hereford Breed.

Owned with Churchill Cattle Co.

C Hereford Lady 2088 ETView pedigree and EPDs

RPH Maiden 95T (42805700)

This is a massive, deep bodied female but still maintains an exceptional feminine look through her front one-third. Her milk flow is tremendous and she has an ideal udder and teat placement. She was the top selling female in the Frank Rogers dispersion where she posted a 156 marbling ratio. She produced Wildcat, a Trust son that was named the Grand Champion Bull of the 2015 Fort Worth National Hereford Show. Wildcat posted a very impressive 119 IMF Ratio in the Colyer herd as well as a 115 ratio for REA. Iron Lake Ranch and Rockin Shocker Cattle purchased a full sister to Wildcat that scanned a 5.03% IMF. We are looking forward to the produce of 95T.

RPH Maiden 95TView pedigree and EPDs
C ETF Wildcat
C ETF Wildcat, 2015 Fort Worth Champion Bull, son of our donor 95T and full brother to our future donor.

H Ms 5139 Advance 4007 (43487690)

Iron Lake Ranch is proud to add 4007 to our Donor Program. She is currently the highest selling Hereford Female on record at $185,000.

She is sired by the proven herd sire 88X whose calves are among the most sought after in the breed including the record setting Miles McKee.

4007’s mother is the great Line One Donor 5139R who commanded a selling price of $175,000 in the 2013 Hoffman sale and has produced $2,000,000 in progeny sales.

Her first ET calves out of HH 4075, Catapult 109 and Full Throttle are impressive.

H Ms 5139 Advance 4007View pedigree and EPDs
624 - Sired by:
Full Throttle
624 sells in our October 8th sale

DBLL DCC 8006 Pearl 5059 ET (42572190)

Pearl 5059 is said to be the best "cow" out of the old MSU PEARL 67G cow, who in her lifetime generated over $500,000 in direct progeny sales. Her sire is H 8E EMBRACER 8006. His daughters speak volumes about Maternal ability.5059's Sire & Dam are deceased. 5059 is a perfect uddered, good milking female with excellent pigment. She has recently produced some outstanding calves by Outcross, L18, & 4075, her 2014 bull calf out of 88X is one of our herd sires.

DBLL DCC 8006 Pearl 5059 ETView pedigree and EPDs

Patti Cow Family

DCC 8006 Patti 4266 ET (P42540562)

4266 is our latest addition to the donor pen. We liked her daughter, pictured below, so much, that we bought her mother.

Owned with Rockin Shocker.

DCC 8006 Patti 4266 ETView pedigree and EPDs

Churchill Lady 1162Y (H43184480)

1162Y is one outstanding package. She is the full sister to 0230X, the 2012 Denver Champion Female that was shown by Haley Hudson, and a full sister to Churchill Force and Churchill ACE that are two of the highest performing bulls ever at Churchill Cattle Co. She is very impressive to see having massive bone and rib, combined with plenty of muscle and volume, but still maintains a very feminine front end with a smooth shoulder that is set at a perfect angle. We are looking forward to the progeny that this trendsetter will contribute.

Owned with Churchill Cattle Co. and Stuber Ranch.

Churchill Lady 1162YView pedigree and EPDs
Churchill Lady 0230X
Churchill Lady 0230X Full sister to 1162Y and daughter of Patti.

Sired by:
430B sells in our October 8th sale

K&B Lady Sentry 8090U (P42904723)

8090U was the choice of donors for Iron Lake Ranch from the Hoffman Ranch dispersal. She was chosen for her solid performance, having Herd bulls out of her sell to Accelerated Genetics, Topp Herefords and Jeremy Brooks in the 2013 Hoffman Ranch Bull Sale. Four Outcross open heifers sold in Hoffman's dispersal for an average of $9,700 (High of $28,000) and the lead bred heifer at the Hoffman dispersal was a Redeem out of 8090U that sold for $10,000. In addition to her performance, 8090U has tremendous eye-appeal, moderate-frame and huge-rib, and powerful muscle.

KB Lady Sentry 8090UView pedigree and EPDs

P606 Daughters

Grandview CMR Lady P606 U358 (42929164)

This is the mother of the Lot 1 bull from the Grandview CMR Dispersal. This P606 daughter is another example of the kind of female that fits the Iron Lake Blueprint: functional, eye-appealing female with great udders and performance data to match. Progeny from U358 will be featured in the Herefords of the World Sale at the World Hereford Conference in Uruguay in 2016.

Grandview CMR Lady P606 U358View pedigree and EPDs

Grandview CMR P606 Lass X201 (43126135)

This perfect uddered female is a P606 daughter that has just entered the Donor Program that will prove to have a significant impact on the future of the Iron Lake Ranch Cow Herd.

Grandview CMR P606 Lass X201View pedigree and EPDs

CMR Grandview Lass P606 26S ET (42727007)

Tremendous cow! Her daughters have averaged $11,000 and we have kept several in our herd as well.

Owned with Ned and Jan Ward Polled Herefords.

CMR Grandview Lass P606 26S ET


Owned with Ehlke.

HARVIE E MS FIRELFLY ET 19ZView pedigree and EPDs

KJ JPH 670F Vicky 440L (42161424)

Performance, Balance and style are what you get from 440L. Pictured here at 13 years of age she still has the udder of a two year old. She is a big footed, big boned cow with huge rib. She has weaned 10 natural calves for an average weaning ration of 108.7 and an M326 daughter of 440L topped the 2011 Jensen Brothers sale and she is now a feature Donor at Sierra Ranches, Modesto, CA.

Owned with Jensen Brothers.

KJ JPH 670F Vicky 440LView pedigree and EPDs

NCX Miss JR Nellie 528N (42963119)

If you want to add power to your herd look no further than Nellie 528N. She is the mother of the featured Semex and Topp Herefords sire AXA Golden Oak Exceed ET 704X, as well as, the Paternal Granddam of Golden Oak Outcross, one of the most influential sires in the recent history of the Hereford Breed. Nellie in her own right is a big, stout made cow with huge rib and bone. She offers the muscle, Balance and Performance that Hereford Breeders are seeking.

NCX Miss JR Nellie 528NView pedigree and EPDs

HH Miss Advance 6155S (H42674137)

Deceased 3/2016

One of Iron Lake Ranch's important addition to the donor line-up. 6155S is the record setting, Line One Hereford cow purchased by Iron Lake Ranch from the Spring 2013 Holden Herefords Sale. She is a full sister to Holden's featured herd bull HH Advance 8050U.

Progeny from 6155S will be featured in the Herefords of the World Sale at the World Hereford Conference in Uruguay in 2016.

Her daughters are becoming the cornerstone of our program.

HH Miss Advance 6155SView pedigree and EPDs

Sired by:
Sired by:
CL1 Domino 297
Sired by:
Pure Gold

NJW 43T 4037 Forever Edna 28X ET (43093963)

Deceased 4/2016

Iron Lake Ranch purchased half of this beautiful female from Bell Ward while Bell was showing her at the National Western. She was eye-catching then and as you can see from this picture she is making a great looking cow. This Durango daughter backs it up with performance, she is in the top 5% of the breed for weaning weight, yearling weight and $CHB. Her first two sons that were born at Iron Lake Ranch had 106 and 110 ratios for REA and an impressive 108 and 114 ratios for Marbling and both of those sons are in use as herd bulls for Ehlke Herefords, Townsend, MT and 6 Mile Creek Ranch, Yukon, OK.

Owned with Bell Ward.

NJW 43T 4037 Forever Edna 28X ET
View pedigree and EPDsILR HOMETOWN 332A ET small

Sired by:
Miles Mckee
594 sells in our October 8th sale