C Miles McKee 2103 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (43270668)
No Semen Available

Supreme Champion Hereford Bull 2014 National Western Stock Show, Denver CO and the record high selling Hereford Bull from the Colyer Herefords 2013 Sale. His calves are proving his worth with the eye-appeal that you would expect from this powerful herd sire. He has already produced high selling animals in Denver, Fort Worth.

Owned with Colyer Herefords.

C MILES MCKEE 2103 ETView pedigree and EPDs

Churchill Red Bull 200Z {CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43281860)
Semen: $35 straw • $75 certificate
Female Sexed Semen: $60 AI • $100 ET

Red Bull offers the complete package that the Hereford breed is seeking. He offers an outstanding number package that includes a giant spread from BW to YW, and puts him in the top 5% of the breed for CE, BW, WW, YW, REA, BMI$ and CHB$. He combines this data with a powerful look - deep bodied and huge ribbed, with plenty of length and volume. He is a very well balanced bull with muscle, a stout square hip and a smooth front end. He has full pigment and lots of red. His look is backed up by his mother, who is a full sister to 008X the Champion Heifer of the National Jr. Hereford Show in 2011. Most recently, Red Bull was named Grand Champion Hereford Bull at the 2013 Houston Stock Show and Rodeo.

Owned with Churchill Cattle Co.

CHURCHILL RED BULL 200ZView pedigree and EPDs

C CJC ILR Regal 3174 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (43386550)
Semen Available on special sales only

Regal will add power and balance to the program. He was the Calf Champion at Reno in 2013, was the lead bull in the Colyer Champion Pen at Denver in 2014 and named the Champion Hereford Bull at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in February of 2014. His first calves are just what you would expect from this breeding package, moderate birthweights, great length of body and a stout hip.

Owned with Colyer Herefords.

C CJC ILR REGAL 3174 ETView pedigree and EPDs
Regal Reno

C CJC 89T Pure Gold 4300 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43487312)

A powerful two year old that blends the best of past and current genetics. His first daughters exhibit all the traits that indicate future donors in the tradition of Pure Gold and 89T.

Owned with Colyer Herefords.

C CJC 89T PURE GOLD 4300 ETView pedigree and EPDs

ILR Peace Of Mind 394A ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43492874)
Semen: $35 straw • $75 certificate
Female Sexed Semen: $60 AI • $100 ET

The Polled Sensation Solution - Peace of Mind offers you the Calving ease alternative that will also add carcass merit. He is in the top 1% of the breed for Calving Ease and Milk and the top 5% for BW UDDR and TEAT and has scored well on carcass performance. Sexed Female semen available.

Contact Iron Lake Ranch.

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ILR Red Power 456B {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43499435)
Semen: $35 straw • $75 certificate
Female Sexed Semen: $60 AI • $100 ET

A Red Bull son, that is a calving ease heifer bull and also HZ polled. Top 1% in CED; Top 3% for BW; Top 20% for WW; Top 20% for YW; Top 5% for MM; Top 5% for M&G; Top 3% for REA; Top 20% for REA.

Co-Owned with Section 16 Cattle and Stone Ridge Manor

ILR RED POWER 456BView pedigree and EPDs

ILR Hometown 332A ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43385499)

This great Iron Lake Ranch Herd Sire is working at Ehlke Herefords, Townsend, MT. He has an outstanding data profile ranking in the top 1% of the breed for $CHB, 5% of the breed for WW, YW and Marbling and the top 10% for REA and ratioed 106 for REA and 108 for IMF. He is a long bodied bull with big muscle expression and a powerful construction.

His first calf crop is spectacular.

Co-Owned with Ehlke Herefords and Langley Farms.

ILR HOMETOWN 332A ETView pedigree and EPDs

ILR 1L SOONER 6119 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (43778005)

Big, stout, powerfully made Bull that combines 2 of of the breed's greats; Sooner and Beth 1L. He is a heavy muscled bull with good eye pigment, and a long smooth stride. His females will be some of the most maternal cows with beautiful udders and great milk flow.
Owned with TONDARA Herefords, AUSTRALIA

ILR 1L SOONER 6119 ETView pedigree and EPDs

ILR U201 SOONER 6112 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (43777997)

A polled calving ease Sooner bull out of the Bull maker U201 cow. Maternal brother to Red Power, X51, Peace of Mind. He is soft and easy fleshing, clean patterned, thick and great necked.
Owned with 6Mile Creek Herefords

ILR U201 SOONER 6112 ETView pedigree and EPDs

ILR 4134 YORK 717 {DLF,HYF,IEF} (43802433)

This well designed York son has created quite a stir and for good reason. He is dark red in color, red eyed, short marked and built exceptionally well. He is sound in structure with awesome testicle size that hang perfectly. He has a tight sheath and is well balanced from end to end. 717 is a potential calving-ease bull that is smooth made yet has shape and design. Just analyze his EPD profile and tell me he will not work in any program in America. Calving ease, Performance, Maternal Strength and Value-Added Carcass Merit!

Owned with Ehlke and Stone Ridge.

ILR 4134 YORK 717View pedigree and EPDs

HH Advance 4075B ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (43471466)

The best Line-One bull we laid our eyes on. Used AI his first calf crop exceeded our hopes and expectations.

HH Advance 4075B ETView pedigree and EPDs

CRR 719 Catapult 109 {CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43186342)

Catapult has become one of the most desired Bulls of the Hereford Breed, and truly represents what Iron Lake ranch is all about, Performance with Eye-Appeal. His calves performance and phenotype speak for themselves and certainly prove the outstanding Data that Catapult presents. His sons will be the first ones picked out of the Bull Pen by both Purebred and Commercial breeders alike.

Owned with Coyote Ridge Ranch and the Catapult Group.

Contact Streamline Genetics 765-490-6286 for semen.

CRR 719 CATAPULT 109View pedigree and EPDs
CRR 719 CATAPULT 109 2